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An approach that makes a difference ... We create innovative, striking and stylish spaces in our original designs. We design and build smart buildings, interiors and organizations with a contemporary vision. We build and deliver projects flawlessly on time without exceeding budgets. We do not only consist of architects and builders but are also experts in marketing-based technology solutions.

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  • Headquartered in Istanbul Ruz İnşaat A.Ş. distinguishes itself in being one of the few in its field with its innovative, modern, forward-thinking structure adopting the principle of continuous partner and customer satisfaction. With its expert staff applying the latest trends in real-estate construction and the eagerness to share know-how with its partners, Ruz Insaat A.S. always adheres to architectural principles. Ruz Insaat A.S. offers safety, high returns and comfort to partners and customers in the best way possible. Our organization and experienced team has been around since 1997 with a proven track record in real-estate development, consultancy and marketing-based technology solution.

Our Fields of Expertise

  • Smart Building Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence Enhancements
  • Internet of Things Development (IoT)
  • Digital Marketing Platform
  • Security systems
  • Consultancy

Our Fields of Expertise

  • Construction & Investment
  • Architectural Services
  • Portfolio management
  • Digital marketing
  • Technology Development
  • Consultancy

We ensure the continuation of our commercial successes by turning creative ideas into technical inventions. Innovation is dynamic, variable, continuous and the most powerful key to keeping up with competition and being different today. The construction sector is one of the sectors that should be affected the fastest by innovation. Along with the phenomenon of globalization, changing economic activities and major technological developments all over the world and other internal and external factors are showing the necessity of continuous innovations. As an approach we stick to simplicity namely preliminary research, design, construction, and operations. At the same time, we are keen to identify the need of different types of innovations in each process.

  • Image and prestige are of utmost importance in the real estate sector, and in the long run, businesses should go for branding in order to distinguish their services from others. It is necessary to create demand with proper marketing walking in line with a well-though investment strategy. Successful businesses should not only be focused on sales, they should also prioritize customer satisfaction after providing goods and services.

Our Services

  • Sales Office Management
  • Brand Creation And Promotions
  • Digital Marketing and Sales Services
  • Database Analysis
  • Customer relations management
  • Training
  • Consultancy

Consulting is a Difficult Job

Your risk expectations, needs and lifestyle wishes are one of the most important criteria in your investment strategies. We are with you to make investments according to these criteria.

– Busra Demirci
Operations Director

Our Current Portfolio

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Our Wide Range of Services makes us Different

As a result of bringing investors together and servicing customers with an innovative and modern approach in real estate investments, technology development and marketing-based solutions Ruz Insaat A.S. offers large-scale and efficient investment opportunities. Our investments together with our partners are backed with the assurance of our assets, experience and talented management team. We undertake all processes as a single institution, which enables us to become your one-stop destination for successful investments in and management of a wide range of projects. Our services span the globe subsequently please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.